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Ceilidh Dancing Overview

Generally Speaking

A Ceilidh is an informal, energetic and great fun dance to lively music. The dances are simpler than Scottish Country Dancing, and can be done in hard shoes. People often cheer, clap & call out or whoop it up during the night. Hence they are exceedingly popular at weekends, weddings, work nights out, St Andrew's Day, Burns' Night or Hogmanay (New Year's Eve).

Ceilidh Dances

Don't worry about studiously learning the dances as there will usually be a caller there who will explain/teach each dance before it begins. Many dances have regional variations, so even frequent dancers listen with attention to how the routine is described on that particular dance floor. Listen & learn!

Some popular dances are:

Ceilidh Band

A Ceilidh band can have about 5 musicians. The accordion, fiddle and drums are usually played, but bands may have other instruments such as the flute, (electric) guitar or bagpipes! These bands commonly play up to 4 hours a night — with breaks included for both dancers and musicians.