RSCDS Falkirk

Our 'Reels and Wheels' CD Production

Produced by Falkirk Branch in 2001

This CD comprises a collection of dances (unpublished at the time), set to music composed and/or arranged by Gordon Shand and Graham Berry.

Reels and Wheels CD

The CD includes a full set of instructions for all the dances except one (The Chas Reel). View dances, diagrams & other info related to this publication.

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All tunes can be sampled at this online album overview.


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Play List
No Name Tempo Set Source
1. Sarah's Favourite J323/4L Hunter
2. Welcome to Callum R324/4L Hunter
3. The Falkirk Bairn S324/4L Hunter
4. Falkirk Millennium Wheel R964S Hunter
5. The Old Spedling Castle's Ghost's Dance J323/4L Rae: Dancing Tour 2
6. Charlie's Silver Jubilee S324/4L Mair: St Andrews Platinum
7. The Wellington Connection R323/4L Hunter
8. A Tribute to Miss Francis Martin M644/4L Hunter
9. The Civil Engineer R324/4L Hunter
10. Crieff Hydro J323/4L Rae: Dancing Tour 2
11. A Tribute to Patsy Rennie M1284S MacMichael
12. The Holywood Romance S324S Hunter
13. The Luckenbooth Brooch J323/4L Dickson: Glendarroch
14. Irene McLean of Duns R324/4L Johnstone: Merse
15. Mrs May Anderson S323/3L Miller
16. Jubilee Quadrille R884S Macpherson
17. The Chas Reel R323/4L Hunter