RSCDS Falkirk

Music for Traditional Scottish Dancing

Essential for Dancing!

All Scottish dance music has a precise steady beat, to the extent that it can be measured with a metronome, with which players practice to achieve accuracy to within 2 seconds over a 5 minute tune. An essential quality of a Scottish dance musician is the ability to produce a consistent driving masculine rhythm throughout the dance, to enable the dancers' steps to be preciously progressed, whilst the flamboyant feminine melody may change considerably, maybe 5 times through the single tune.

Between 15th — 19th October 2018, RSCDS Falkirk Branch is £2,500 sponsoring a Young Accordion Masterclass and subsequent Showcase concert.

We currently have funding avilable for musician's tuition.

Slow Time

Uniquely Scotland's slow, sultry, striving rhythm that is poised and powerful in its presence. Dancers lunge downwards, then pulling up and together in a deceptively unnerving advance. Some musicians know it as the "Scottish snap".
e.g: The Braes Of Busby
Slow Airs
These are more flowing and melodic than somewhat military Strathspey. Beautiful tunes used to provide an alternative rhythm at the same tempo.
e.g: The Dark Island

Quick Time

These are played quickly, very quickly, at twice the tempo of Strathspey. Evenly spaced 4/4 tempo music.
e.g: The Royal Yacht Britannia.
These fast tempo tunes are akin to many other Keltic countries tunes. Jigs have a deliberately off balanced beat that sounds somewhat like "jigity jig, pause, ....", known as a 6/8 tempo.
e.g: The Moffat Jig
Not so common and similar 4/4 tempo to reels, but can feel half as fast again. Usually with nautical association, and often with each bar ending with three distinctive beats.
e.g: Kendall's Hornpipe

Hear it Yourself

The Falkirk Branch with the esteemed Gordon Shand Band, has produced the Reels and Wheels CD.

Nothing compares to experiencing music, and there are some videos linked from the Scottish Country Dancing and Ceilidh dancing pages.