RSCDS Falkirk

Funding for Musician's Tuition

Interested in Playing Music for Scottish Country Dancing?

As part of our on-going commitment to the aims of our charity, RSCDS-Falkirk Branch have up to £300 available to contribute to the costs of a musician attending a short residential course run by the RSCDS, designed to enable participants to develop the skill needed to perform music specifically for Scottish Country Dancing.

Although applicants may not have previously played for Scottish Country Dancing, they must:

  1. already be competent musicians
  2. play a suitable instrument for dancing (probably piano or accordion)
  3. be resident within the Forth Valley area (the Districts of Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannan)

The courses available for 2015 are:

  1. the Winter School course in the Atholl Palace Hotel (22nd - 27th February)
  2. Summer School in St Andrews (1 week some time between 25th July - 22nd August, exact schedule not yet known). Photos of 2013 and 2012.

Although the Society is always seeking to grow the pool of dance musicians, there is no binding commitment for a musician benefiting from this grant to play for our Branch, nor for us to employ the musician. However, it is a useful and profitable pastime - we currently pay our class musicians £14/hour and it is a lovely way to combine a hobby and a source of income.

Anyone interested should contact the Chair of our Branch.