RSCDS Falkirk


The Background Tartan

This tartan was chosen as the backdrop for this website as it is the governmentally registered tartan of the Falkirk District.

This tartan is alive with vibrant colour to reflect this part of Scotland. It was the winning entry in a public competition run by Falkirk Town Centre Management to create a new image for the region.

The Colours

  • Brown: represents the fertility of the abundant farmland, and is the dominant colour of the original cloth from Roman times.
  • Blue: links Falkirk district with sea by the River Forth and both the heavy freight canals, on which the Falkirk Wheel is an internationally renowned water engineering feat. It is also the colour of the Falkirk 'Bairns' (Falkirk Football Club).
  • Red: is the colour of the blast furnace flames from the Falkirk foundries. At the time, the Carron Iron Works were almost the largest in the world. The steam engine was invented here, as was the world's first steam ship, for use on the canals. The most internationally famous iron export was the Carronade cannon, used vigorously throughout the British Empire to establish peace where there was none.
  • Yellow: signifies wealth and prosperity earned through hard toil in the fields and furnaces.
  • Black: the black lines intersect on blue to show Falkirk at the crossroads of all (rail) roads through Scotland's Central Belt region, centrally nestled in the triangle between the 3 great cities of Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh.