RSCDS Falkirk

Experienced Scottish Country Dance Class

Members and Non Members Welcome

Non-class members can dance casually for £3 per class, membership can be arranged after the fun has begun! Members of another of our classes can also attend for an additional £1 per extra class, or free if they are unable to attend their usual enrolled class that week.

For class, we wear casual and loose fitting trousers, dresses or skirts. Dancing shoes are ideal, but any snug fitting, soft soled, flat heeled footware (e.g. trainers, pumps, etc.) are fine to begin with.

Class Timetable
Day Time Venue Teacher Musician Class Rep
Wednesday 7:30 — 9:00 p.m. Polmont Old Parish Church Halls Marjorie McRae Ian Gent Su Longstaff

2018 Autumn Session

10 weeks commencing Monday 17th September.
NOTE: There will be no classes during the school holiday week beginning Monday 15th October.

2019 Winter Session

10 weeks commencing Monday 7th January.

Staying Informed

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Some students of the general classes also come to this class too.