RSCDS Falkirk

Crieff Hydro Saturday Ceilidh Dance

Celebrate Saturday With This Ceilidh Dance While Away!

Part of the Crieff Hydro Dancing Weekend.

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No Name Tempo Set Source
1. The Packhorse Rant R32 2RR Brockbank: Collins Little
2. Gay Gordons X16 1RR Guide (ex-Collins)
3. St Bernard's Waltz W16 1RR Smith: Collins SCD
4. The Riverside J32 2/-anyL Ingram: Collins Little
5. The Anniversary Two Step
6. Canadian Barn Dance X16 1RR Durrands: Collins SCD
7. The Dashing White Sergeant R32 3+3RR RSCDS III
8. Circassian Circle R32 2RR RSCDS I
9. Highland Schottische S8 1RR Collins SCD
10. Ping
11. Lomond Waltz W32 1RR Botham: Collins SCD
12. Britannia Two Step X16 3pRR Collins SCD
13. Mississippi Dip -16 1RR Wood: Collins SCD
14. Orcadian Strip the Willow J16 other/-anyL Collins Little